America Is Growing Apart, Possibly for Good (2023)




Our apostles and elders, a great millstone who rule well that by the spirit, taught us this beautiful truth and just want to say the water to all akim and akwa.

That's out here sincerely keeping the lost statues and commandments love your heart by shaming to the best of their ability.

Just coming at you with another quick, quick lesson, pray that it's edified by the spirit and um just wanted to touch on the separation of america is still going on.

It's gonna get even worse.

It's gonna be a lot a lot more of a split.

It's just gonna be more and more infighting.

Until this place just goes into full-fledged civil war.

It says america is growing apart, possibly for good.

It's always been basically a part because they've always had you know red and blue states where you know your senate and your your.

You know your democrats they're all one one b system, but they always have had that that siding where you know the people are basically split so to speak.

You know it's always been that way and it's gonna, but it's gonna get worse in these days at times, because the so-called white men are starting to see that they're actually falling they're falling off and half of their their their their people, which you know, because you got one side, that's just they're willing to kill off the other side of their people to rid them.

You know of of basically because they're not getting down with them they're, not together.

You know, as far as like keeping you israelites you so-called black hispanics and native americans.

You know at bay, so to speak, so you got one half of the country quote unquote with their alphabet, crew and a bunch of other.

You know people that are you know, they're feeling like they're minorities and they're feeling like.

Oh, it's you so-called white people, that's terrorizing everyone! So you got half the country so to speak, that you know they're into their lgbtq thing.

They want.

You know to basically not be picked on and they figure they can group up with you, so-called blacks, hispanics and native americans, and and push their agenda on you.

So you got that half of the so-called white people.

That's with that part.

Then you got the other half.

That's still, you know, you know they they feeling like hey.

This is our country we fought for.

We, our people died for my great great grandfather.

He went to world war, one world war ii and all this other stuff.

But, like I said now, you have these these.

Basically just some some softies, you know, and it's on both sides of the aisle but they're really the left are a lot more soft, though those they're a lot softer man.

You got a lot of soft people in the military.

They don't they're, not paid um patriotic.

They don't care nothing about the country, they're just there to basically travel to make some money to get a college degree.

You know to learn something you know, but you have these other side which still believe that trump is their president.

You know what I'm saying that believe that this is their country and as so-called white people they're being replaced, and that's where you get that shooting from in buffalo um new york with the um, the young, so-called white guy, that you know he was they call it replacement theory where they feeling, as if they're being replaced in their own country, well see that [ __ ] how about shimmy? I was shy.

That's making them small they're, not breeding they're, not having children like how they used to have children, they're dying, quicker than they're being born and that's become a problem to them.

You see, but let's get a look.

We can get it.

Let's get a little bit of this.

It says it may be time to stop talking about red and blue america.

That's the provocative conclusion, michael pott hope, horser a long time, political strategist for labor unions and the chair of an analyst institute.

So this guy, you know, he's pretty reputable because you know these so-called white people, man when they, when they study into some [ __ ].

They study into some [ __ ].

So this guy could know what he's talking about from a a worldly wisdom, type of view you see now you know as far as biblical wise, these so-called white people.

They they don't they they they're, not spiritual.

They have to have analysis, they need data, they need tangible, [, __ ].

They can see.

You see it says um in a private newsletter that he writes for a small group of activists.

He recently laid out a detailed case for thinking of the two blocks of fundamental different nations.

Uneasily sharing the same geographic space, see says when we think about the united states.

We make the essential error of imagining it as a single nation, our marbled mix, red and blue people, but in truth, we have never been one nation.

We are we're more like a federated republic of two nations, blue nation and red nation.

This is not a metaphor.

It is um a geographic and historical reality.

It says the growing divisions between red and blue states represent a reversion to the lines of separation through much of the nation's history.

The differences be among states in the donald trump era he writes is very similar, both geographically and culturally, to the divide between the union and the confederacy, and those dividing lines were largely set at the nation's founding when slave states and free states forced an uneasy alliance to become one nation see see it, it would have been better for the so-called white man for all of them to stay together and say: hey, let's keep them [ __ ] down, but the lord placed it.

You know because the lord he deals with the hearts of kings matter of fact, let's get that real, quick, see the lord.

He he dealt with your george washington's, your andrew jackson's and all these presidents and all your leaders that you see today you see proverbs 21-1.

It says the king's heart is in the hand of yahuwah as the rivers of water.

He turneth it, whether so ever he will so all these leaders from going all the way back to julius caesar going back even further, all the leaders, the lord, have set up, never nebuchadnezzar, you know um the persi, hey all these kings mayors.

You know your police chief, you should your manager at burger king, the lord set those people up.

You see what I'm saying.

So he set all this in order man and in this time you know these things have circuits.

It's like you know like how you know summer comes in and then comes fall then comes winter, then comes spring and then see these people have a border like that too.

A circuit like that too, the nations have set up for a while the lord.

He decides on how long they're going to be there, how long they're going to rule, and then he decides when they come down and who's going to come into rulership next and just so happen.

It's going to be you so-called blacks, hispanics and native americans, they're, going to be a role reversal because the children of israel, which are you so-called black hispanics and native americans, you've been on the downfall for a millennial or so damn near you know, since the so-called white man came back into power, you know he was on a downfall.

You know for a while, then he came back up now.

Their kingdom is falling and now we're coming back up and this last.

This is the last time that this is gonna happen, because our lord is gonna come and there's gonna, be a righteous kingdom set up in the name of our you know our father yahweh.

Why you? How was shy his son, which is our savior our king? You see because the lord is not some so-called white man he's not um this blond-haired blue-eyed white guy that the so-called white man has been pushing on people for the past millennial.

Damn there you see when people are starting to realize that that white jesus crap is idolatry and you so-called black hispanics native americans.

You got to wake up and get the [ __ ] away from that, because the lord, when he comes you're, going to see a dark, melanated man if he was walking the earth today, he'd be a negro and he's coming to terrorize the [ __ ] out of these so-called white people that have treated the children of israel, so bad man, their time is coming.

That's why you're seeing such a divide between them themselves? They they can't even get along as far as globally the [ __ ], that's their biblical name, their [ __, ], russians and americans.

So-Called white people are the same exact people, they're [, __, ], germans, french italians, if they're they're, so-called white people, they're the whole european they're, [, __, ] they're, all the same people, but they use continents as a um nationality and the continent is not a nationality.

There's 18 nations in the scriptures man and esau edom is the the biblical name for the so-called white man.

He came from abraham isaac and esau you so-called blacks, hispanics and native americans.

You come from abraham isaac and jacob the two twins, the the promises was given to abraham isaac and jacob you see.

Esau has absolutely nothing to do with the promises.

That's given in the scriptures man they're going in the hardcore slavery in the kingdom.

That's that's the good news that the lord is going to take us away from our enemies.

So, let's see what else they got here, we can get a little bit more um.

It's quite a lengthy article.

Um, let's see it says, um say he's not predicting another civil war.

Exactly oh, but it's coming though yeah it's j, you damn they're doing.

That's that's popping right now, damn there, but he's warning that the pressure on the country's fundamental cohesion is likely to continue ratcheting up in the 2020s.

Like other analysts who studied democracy, he views the trump faction that now dominates the republican party, where he turns the mega movement as the u.s equivalent to authoritarian parties in places such as hungarian and venezuela.

It is a multi-pronged, fundamental, anti-democratic movement that has built a solidifying base of institutional support through conservative media networks, evangelical churches, wealthy republican donors, gop elected officials, paramilitary white nationalist groups and mass public followings.

You hear this, you so-called blacks, hispanics native americans.

This country has nothing to do with you.

These people hate your damn guts and you better believe their their their.

Their keen focus is to most definitely keep your ass under underfoot.

Okay, it says, and it it is determined to impose its policy and social vision on the entire country, with the without majority support.

The structural attacks on our institution that paved the way for trump's candidacy will continue to progress with or without him at the ham and he's right about that see they didn't got their juice.

They got that juice man when trump got in that off a whether trump's there or not, that [ __ ] could die if he actually died.

They gonna even turn up some more he's gonna be looked at as their their their their their king being martyred.

So to speak.

It says all of this is fueling what I call the great divergence now underway between the red and blue states.

This divergence itself creates enormous strain on the country's cohesion, but more and more even that looks like only a way station.

What's becoming clear over time is that the trump air gop is hoping to use his electoral dominance of the red states.

The small state bias in the electoral college in the senate and the gop appointed majority of the supreme court to impose his economic and social model on the entire nation, with or without majority public support, as measured on fronts, including the january 6 insurrection, the procession of republic republicans, 2020 election deniers running for office that would provide them with control over the 2024 electoral machinery and systematic advance of the republic agenda by the supreme court.

The underlying political question of the 2020s remains whether majority rule and democracy as we've known it can survive this offensive.

It is not, and that's pretty much about it.

It says red and blue states as this red and blue red and blue america, as the states in which each party has usually held unified control of the government and state legislature in recent years.

By that yardstick, there's a 25 red state, 17 blue states and eight purple states where state government control has typically been divided.

So I mean you see how you 25 17 and eight that's all kinds of division, but but we love it, though, because let's go into matthew, 12 25, because this place is about to cave right in man, it's already done.

It's just people just haven't seen the real realness of it.

As of yet it says, uh, matthew, 12 and 25 and yeah howard shot, knew their thoughts and said unto them every kingdom divided against itself is brought to desolation, see that and every city or house divided against itself shall not stand, and if satan casts out satan, he is divided against himself.

How shall then his kingdom stand see, and it is far too it's never been together.

So it's not like it was once together and it can come back together.

It's you know they.

They just used to be a lot more unified.

As far as like you negroes you, hispanics and native americans.

You know you didn't have rights or, or you wouldn't you wasn't able to do some of the things that you're able to do.

As you know, right now, in this day and time you wasn't able to go up to a certain um public water fountain or go to a certain restaurant.

Now you can do those things now.

The so-called white woman can and joyfully get with a so-called black dude and get all the bbc that she wants.

Now you see you're starting to see all their hot little blondes get with these nba players and these um these nfl players and things of that nature, and not just them.

It's not just you know.

We talk about uh, the so-called white woman man, hey she a matter of fact.

It's a princess.

I think um still can't think where she's from but she's with this, I'm not sure, if he's a hand mite or not, but [ __, ] she's, with a a super chocolate dark, ass dude, also on some royalty tip and she's, not letting him go straight up.

So when it straight comes down to it.

Everything that they used to have is is dwindling because see the so-called white man.

As you can see, they don't have no game.

You know they don't have no game, they got that's why they.

You know they trying to go to the gym.

They try and you know, get tattoos and [ __ ].

They trying to have this look about them so that you know they can you know they got money and they got you know they have the you know they drive a nice vehicle, they live in a decent place and women are attracted to that type of power.

But when a straight comes down to it, there's some lames there's some straight lane so jake he can pull up on on on on a so-called white woman or any woman of any of these nations man and run game on her and [ __ ].

He can chill at the house while she's going to work.

You see jake got game like that, but when it comes to the so-called white man, they're goofy as hell they walking in the walls they looking stupid as hell, they got everything that that that heart could wish, but they can't properly get or keep a woman and if they get if the woman is getting with them, they're getting with them for their money but they're going somewhere else and getting pounded down.

You see and a lot of that's going on.

In america, man, the so-called white woman, has been out of control along with the so-called blacks.

You know hispanics and native americans, because our people envy the oppressor they want to be like the so-called white man, which don't make no type of sense, but the lord said to envy thou, not the oppressor.

I just done a lesson on that.

Yesterday, that's um! There's that proverbs, 3 and 31 says emmy, not the oppressor.

Let these people go ahead because see their kingdom is falling.

All we're supposed to be doing is preaching the gospel telling our people that the kingdom is at hand telling them the true name of the father yahweh, which, which means that he exists where he is to be the name of his son.

Our king and savior is yahweh, which means that he's the savior or delivering paleo hebrew and that you you so-called black hispanics native americans.

You are the children of israel and that you need to repent, and then we take it from there.

You know once they get the basics, we take it from there and you know we teach and show our people.

You know the do's and don'ts of you how about shimmy outside and help them grow, but in the meanwhile the gospel is for you, so-called black hispanics and native americans you're, the ones that need saving you're the ones that's in an enemy's hands.

You see we're not the enemies of well, we are you know, because the lord has enemies, but we're.

What I'm saying is we're not a threat to the so-called white man he's a threat to us.

It's always been that way, man.

So why are you emmy in this man and, like I said, hey jake, about to be out here barbecuing their asses off in the next few weeks for this before for the um, the thievery of this country and the rape robin and pillaging of their own people? 1776 [, __ ] is deep into slavery.

While they was writing the declaration of independence for or talking about, all men are created equal when they weren't talking about you.

They called you as three-fifths of a man they were talking about.

Then, when they said all men are created equal because they owned you.

So why would you fire up your grill and and throw pork links on there for it and and and and spend all your damn money to get new shoes and new outfits and- and you know, they're going they're going to go to sunday, service and all kinds of you just watch man proverbs, 3 and 31 I'll end out here.

Emmy, though, not the oppressor and choose none of his ways so lucky I wanted to grab one more but we're not to envy the so-called white man and we're not to choose any of his ways.

We're supposed to.

If the so-called blacks would stop shopping on these holidays, america would plummet.

Jake be spending billions of dollars on these weak ass holidays.

Let me get one more, though I wanted to get this one in the apocrypha, because this is happening on full front right before our eyes, man and all praises to y'all about shimmy.

I was shy for real man.

I just be looking at him man just shaking my damn head.

Man can't wait to to see our enemies and damn chains, man where they belong.

Ecclesiastes, 25 and 7.

There be nine things which I have judged in my heart to be happy and a tenth.

I will utter with my tongue, a man that have joy if his children and he that liveth to see the fall of his enemy and that's what we're seeing we're seeing the fall of our enemy.

That's what we're we're that we get complete happiness out of that see the average jake.

Maybe they they just like.

They just want things to go back to normal.

They couldn't wait to this.

You know the cold thing was so called over with, so they can get back out here and just be nasty just be degenerates man they couldn't wait, but what they don't know is this place is about to go into a further spiral.

It's circling the tour toilet right now, when you hear that you know when you hear that sound or when the toilet actually gets to the point of that flush.

It's getting about there.

It's almost about there, man and there's only a few prophecies left before our lord makes that return.

So you so-called black hispanics and native americans, y'all better wake your asses up, because this divide right here and they and they just talking about the red and blue states, whatever they're, not talking about the division between you know, um, the lgbtq and the in the um, the straight people they're not talking about the the man and the wife in the home, they're not talking about their damn children divided against them, they're, not talking about um um, the division between it.

It's just it's! It's all kinds of chaos.

Man and the scriptures talks about, can two walk together unless they be agreed.

If you constantly got arguing and bickering in the home, somebody gonna get pissed and walk away and leave just pack, these [ __ ] up and go when somebody gonna get the [ __ ] slapped out of them.

You know it's a lot of domestic violence in america.

There's a lot of killings every day from spouses that just can't get along with in the household from american [ __, ] man, they just can't agree.

You got a husband he's sitting in the in his man cave watching cnn.

You got the wife she's sitting upstairs watching fox news, they're, one of them a democrat and one of them's, a republican in the home right in the home.

You got two of the children might be a blue state supporter.

You got the other three that might be red state and they just arguing and bickering at the thanksgiving table.

You know you had the division between.

You still got people out here that wear masks.

You got people, that's looking at them like they stupid as hell for having them on, and then you got the people with the mask.

Looking at the people that don't have the mask on looking at them stupid as hell like.

Why don't you want to protect us? You got half the country that that went out of roadway sleeve up.

You got the other half that didn't you got half the country, hey [, __ ]! You, you even got to split between you're, rich and you're poor.

There's some people out here that can afford this high-ass gas then continue on riding like nothing happened.

But now you got people that's living check to check.

That's a separation! You see, and it's only gonna- you know continue on growing apart, so you know it says america is growing apart, possibly for good.

Now america is through ain't.

No, possibly this [ __ ] is a wrap you can.

You can stick a fork in it man.

So with that just wanted to touch on this for a hot sec, hey continue on praying to y'all about she might have shot for the downfall of this place.

You should be praying that, on a day-to-day basis, a couple of times a day hastening in the day of our lord man, we pray for the downfall of america.

We're not rooting, for you should be praying that gas go up to 20 a gallon, so we can go ahead and and get to the real uh terribleness of this [ __ ] and get on out of here.

You see so with that pray that the lesson was edifying.


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