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Hello loves,
I wanted to share with you one of the best purchases I have made living in a studio apartment. My apartment unit has one shared laundry space and lugging my laundry on a dolly was becoming time-consuming. So I did some research and have to say this is one of the best purchases I have made for my tiny studio. Especially with clinical right around the corner, these are going to save me so much time and money.

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BLACK+DECKER BPWH84W Washer Portable Laundry, White, 0.84 Cu. Ft.

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Guys, I am super super excited.

I am so tired of going over to the laundromat to wash my clothes, I'm really busy, and I was trying to find something that was reasonable for me.

Since I am living in a studio apartment, we don't have a washer or dryer in unit, and so I was looking at some youtube videos and I did come across a youtuber who told me about the portable washer, and I did my research and at first I was just thinking about doing one of those hand, washing ones that you can take camping and just getting one for emergency reasons, but the more I looked into it, the more.

I thought that I would try a portable washer and dryer and I am super stoked to open these up and see how they work um.

I ended up going with the black and decker for both.

I was originally thinking about using the panda dryer since the youtuber.

I watched used a panda dryer and had really good reviews on it, but um I ended up kind of wanting to just have both of them matching, so I did get the black ducker and I had to order from two different places.

So I ordered this one.

On amazon I ordered the dryer from uh.

I think it's called the welbots or tailbox.

I will link everything below and I will link the youtuber who made the video that made me really finally make my decision on buying um, a portable, washer and dryer.

So let's open these babies up.

I am super excited guys.

I've been waiting to get the dryer, so I can do this video and do an unboxing together.

So here we go so here you have it here is my portable washer and dryer they're, both by black and decorate.

I honestly feel like it's completely worth it um.

I think I spend somewhere around almost 300 for the washer and almost 400 for the dryer.

I will again link everything below with the prices and I just wanted to show you what it looks like they're small.

I mean they're very, very small, compared to your normal size, washer and dryer, and I'm going to go ahead and set it up.

I did buy a dolly for the washer, so I can put it in and out of my closet again, I think for a small space like mine.

This is the way to go.

I used to have a or I still have a dolly that I would carry in and out of the apartment unit and um.

I would use it to uh.

You know help me go to our laundromat here on in my apartment, uh on on-site, but it's in the middle of the apartment unit, there's over 900 units in my apartment and um.

It was just a lot of work, especially because that thing did get heavy and um it's just going to be really nice.

I think I paid two dollars to wash to something to wash and then about two dollars to dry so on.

In the long run, this is going to be very cost effective.

I think um.

So I'm very very excited I spend maybe about 60 every month to wash and dry clothes.

Maybe about that much, maybe a little bit more, especially when I'm doing uh things like my sheets, which the youtuber that I heard her video from she did say that she was able to fit a um a sheet and maybe a blanket into the washer, so we'll see how how that'll go because I definitely plan on using it.

For that reason, too again living in an apartment, you kind of just pile up all your sheets and all of your blankets until you're able to go, do laundry um and I love the dryer.

It is so small like I thought this was going to be a lot bigger and I'm actually very satisfied with the size of the dryer.

So I'm super super stoked to use it and set everything up and I'll show you guys.

Let's just do this together, so I made the dolly I'm gonna put this on the dolly this one's heavy, okay, guys so after much struggle trying to figure out how I was going to set up the faucet sink, I looked up a youtube video and using um.

Using this I was able to unscrew the aerator from the faucet and um plug in the the little adapter that came with my washer.

So I'm very excited about that.

I ended up ordering additional adapters just in case it didn't fit, but it fit perfectly, and this is the old one um I looked at the youtube video and saw that I was actually supposed to um.

It was like going the wrong way and that's why I couldn't take the aerator off um, but yes, youtube.

I love youtube.

I always learn something on youtube, so there we go and it's perfect it fit without an issue.

The water comes off and I can always take off this piece right here and it turns back into like a regular stainless steel.

Honestly, I could just leave it like that, so I'm going to go ahead and connect the washer and set my first load to wash I'm super stoked.

So let's go okay, so I went ahead and connected the draining hose onto the machine.

So it's connected in the back down there and then here we have our main hose.

So I went ahead and connected it to my sink adapters on I'm going to turn this on.

I'm super excited wow.

This is so awesome, load, size, program, program, codes and then yeah.

So the first thing I'm going to try washing is this blanket.

It is fairly new and it has been leaving like little fluff everywhere.

So I figure I should wash it.

So, let's go ahead and open this, so there's the little washer part super super stoked about this um.

I don't see that there's like a little lint trap, but I'll have to look at the book and see um where that is because I definitely don't want to have light all over the sink.

Basically, yes, basically, this is like the only thing that will fit in here.

If you are going to wash a blanket, so let's see machine wash cold, all right guys, here's the moment of truth.

I'm super excited, I'm gonna go ahead and click the lock here.

This is to lock it so it stays in place while it shakes our start.

This program codes.

So I'm super super stoked about this.

You guys you get to do laundry in my tiny um studio apartment and we will see how so I ended up buying this indoor dryer vent kit uh, because I didn't want to have to stick the hose out the window um and it is supposed to be like an inner dryer kit thing.

So it's supposed to be safe.

My dryer only came with the tube connector thing.

It did not actually come with anything else, so that is why I bought this and it was recommended by another youtuber and um, so that I can put my blanket to dry when it's done all right, you guys.

I want to give you a little bit of an update, so I went ahead and installed this um indoor vent, which comes with came with the tube that connected to that little adapter, and then this has water down here, so that uh the the water can trap the light.

As it comes out, I went ahead and plugged it.

In again this did not come with the washer.

I mean the dryer all right, so it looks like my clothes are done washing so are we we're gonna come over here? I did not secure the tube correctly when the water was coming out, and so it just like poured everywhere and that sucks, but I will have to secure this tube a lot better.

It's so like flimsy and all over the place.

So it's getting like.

Oh my gosh um, I'm gonna go ahead and take it out and then put it in the dryer and see how this works.

I'm so so excited oh yeah! It got it really.


So I'm very very happy about that.

Um, it's pretty much all wet! I'm super excited that I was able to just wash this at home.

Let's go test out my dryer okay, so we are gonna open this and we're gonna put her in there.

You guys.

This is my blanket these dryer sheets in here.

Okay, let's turn her on and test everything.

I'm testing everything today.

I want to make sure everything's work in working order before I throw all the boxes away, uh all right guys.

So I realized I never ended my washer dryer video, so I did want to show you where I currently have it stored.

So right now I have my washer and dryer stored in my closet.

I'm able to leave my dryer right where it's at um kind of in the corner and um.

I bring my dolly out here to connect to the sink um, so it doesn't take a lot of space and I'm able to just roll her back in here and they're both out of sight, and I still have a good amount of closet space that I really don't need.


My closet is pretty spacious um, but I don't really utilize outside of my closet, but this is a really great way to store them.

It's been about, I think, a little over two months now that I've had these two and I have to say this has been the best investment for me.

I am about to start clinical and it's going to be very, very helpful to just come home and be able to have my own washer and dryer to use.

I hope you guys enjoyed this video on how I do laundry in a apartment.

I think that again, these two have been one of the best investments that I've made.

I use them just about every week and I'm very very happy that I was able to find an alternate way to do laundry in a small space again.

I definitely recommend these two and if you guys have any questions, go ahead and ask me um and I will catch you guys on another video I'll talk to you guys later bye.


How I Do Laundry in a Studio Apartment | Black+Decker Portable Washer and Dryer Unboxing? ›

Detergent Amount:

Generally take the amount of detergent recommended by the detergent manufacturer and reduce it by 75%. For example, if the detergent manufacturer recommends 1 cup then use 1/4 cup.

How do you use a portable washing machine in an apartment? ›

How to use a portable washer.
  1. Gather laundry. ...
  2. Hook up the hose to the faucet or pour water into the washer just below the line inside. ...
  3. Make sure the nozzle for draining is in the tub or in a bucket so that there are no leaks during the wash cycle.
  4. Plug in your washer and set the time and wash cycle.
  5. Pour in detergent.
Aug 24, 2020

How much laundry detergent do I put in a portable washer? ›

Detergent Amount:

Generally take the amount of detergent recommended by the detergent manufacturer and reduce it by 75%. For example, if the detergent manufacturer recommends 1 cup then use 1/4 cup.

How do you fit a washer and dryer in a small space? ›

When floor space is limited, go vertical with stackable washers and dryers. Choose to stack a front load pair or opt for the solution of a stacked top load washer dryer combo.

Can I use liquid detergent in portable washer? ›

Once you load the portable washing machine with your clothing, add a preferable detergent. It is advisable you use liquid detergent because they tend to work well with portable cleaning machines. Hook the hose to a faucet in the bathroom or kitchen – this will allow you to fill the portable washer with water.

How do I get my washing machine to work? ›

How to Fix a Washing Machine that Won't Start
  1. Activate the power button.
  2. Test the outlet.
  3. Reset outlet if necessary.
  4. Make sure the power cord is plugged in.
  5. Check if fuses are blown or the circuit breaker is thrown.
  6. See if Delay Start has been pushed.
  7. See if Control Lock has been activated.
Oct 2, 2018

Can you wash a blanket in a portable washer? ›

The same goes for sheets and bedding. As long as it fits comfortably in the machine and still has room for water and for the item to spin properly, it can be washed in a portable washer. Don't try to wash a full comforter set all at once, though.

What kind of soap do you use in a portable washing machine? ›

While we've outlined our favorite laundry detergents for every need here, I've found that liquid detergent, like our top pick, Tide Free and Gentle Liquid Laundry Detergent, works best with portable washers because it mixes in with the water easily.

Do you put laundry detergent in before or after clothes? ›

If you have a regular top-loading machine, it's best to fill your washer with water first, then add your detergent, then add your clothes. This helps evenly distribute the detergent in the water before it hits your clothes. Remember that the nicer you are to your washer and dryer the longer they'll last.

Where do you put laundry detergent? ›

Adding it to the drum may result in an uneven wash and oily residue. When adding liquid laundry detergent to your washing machine, it is best that it goes into the drum directly rather than into the drawer for an even wash.

How many clothes can you put in a portable washer and dryer? ›

The number of clothes you can fit in a small portable washing machine depends on the machine's drum capacity. Most portable washers accommodate between 10 to 15 pounds of clothes. It's a small load of laundry and probably three to four days' worth of clothes.

Where should I store dirty laundry in a small apartment? ›

Dressers can hold dirty clothes just as well as clean clothes. Think about buying other types of furniture that can double as storage space, like open ottomans, credenzas and storage benches. Laundry can be stored anywhere in the house. Shelve an entire wall and store clothes in pretty boxes.

What size is an apartment size washer and dryer? ›

At 24 inches wide, typical apartment-sized washers and dryers are compact appliances. They're available from 24 to 26 inches deep and from 33 to 36 inches tall. When using a laundry-stacking kit, a small stackable washer and dryer combo can be up to 72 inches tall.

Can portable washing machine spin dry? ›

Will the spin cycle dry my clothes? Spin features on portable washing machines are designed to partially dry your clothes so that they're damp instead of wet. Many customers buy a drying rack to place next to their washing machine to finish the drying process.

Do portable washers use a lot of electricity? ›

A mini portable washing machine is much smaller in size as compared to any other regular washing machine, so it is easier to hide around the house and use it out only when it's needed. Do washing machines use a lot of electricity? yes.

Are portable dryers worth it? ›

Portable clothes dryers are energy-efficient: they use less electricity compared to traditional large-size drying units. It emits less carbon dioxide than conventional dryers. You can bring a portable clothes drier with you wherever you go.

Can you manually fill a portable washing machine with water? ›

Manually filling the tub is not possible for proper operation. Haier washers are designed with high efficiency in mind, automatically determining the amount of water required. Portable washers require pressurized water for the fill function of wash and rinse cycles.

Can you use hot water in Black and Decker portable washer? ›

1-3 of 3 Answers

You can wash with hot water. If you are using only 1 hose hook it up to the cold side and adjust the water temp by the faucet.

What can I use instead of liquid laundry detergent? ›

Effective Laundry Detergent Substitutes
  • White vinegar & baking soda.
  • Lemon juice & baking soda.
  • Dish soap (Dawn recommended)
  • Shampoo or body wash.
  • Borax.
  • Vodka.
  • Powdered oxygen bleach.
  • Hydrogen peroxide.

Do portable washer and dryers need a water line? ›

A portable washer is a compact top-loading washing machine that does not need a permanent water line connection.

Why is my washing machine not washing clothes? ›

When your washing machine isn't cleaning clothes, the most common reason is that it isn't draining properly, leaving dirt from the first wash in the drum so it's still there after the last rinse. This means you need to clear your washing machine's filter.

Why isn't my washer not washing? ›

These include an incoming power problem, a damaged power cord, a malfunctioning door lid switch or lock, a defective user control board or timer, a broken drive belt, or a faulty or obstructed drain pump.

How to wash clothes step-by-step? ›

How to use a semi-automatic washing machine: A step-by-step guide
  1. Add the clothes to the tub. ...
  2. Add water Ariel Complete Washing Powder. ...
  3. Select the length of the wash.
  4. Drain the water when the cycle is complete.
  5. Add more water for the rinse cycle.
  6. Drain the water.
  7. Spin dry clothes. ...
  8. Remove the clothes and hang them to dry.

How to do laundry for beginners? ›

Let's make laundry simple. A beginner's guide to clean laundry.
  1. Sort your clothes. ...
  2. Read the care label. ...
  3. Pretreat stains. ...
  4. Don't overload the machine. ...
  5. Choose the right water temperature. ...
  6. Use detergent and softener. ...
  7. Don't leave wet laundry in the washer for too long. ...
  8. Air dry or tumble dry your clothes.

Can you put blankets in the washing machine with clothes? ›

You can wash blankets in a washing machine as long as its fabric care label indicates that it is safe to do. Some materials should not be washed in a machine and should be dry-cleaned instead. If you are unsure how to care for your blanket, consult the manufacturer's instructions before washing it.

What blankets can go in the washing machine? ›

Blankets weighted with glass microbeads or plastic pellets should be safe for the wash, but check the manufacturer's instructions for specific washing guidelines. You can wash most blankets weighing up to 20 pounds in your household washing machine on a gentle cycle with cold water and a mild detergent.

What washer mode for blankets? ›

Fill up a washer or bathtub with cold water and a light detergent. Use a delicate or permanent-press cycle if you are machine washing. If you are hand washing, let the blanket soak in the soapy water for 15 minutes before draining the tub and refilling with cold water.

Can you use vinegar in portable washing machine? ›

Running a wash cycle with cleaning solution should clean up most of the dirt, but stubborn stains and grime may require a bit of hands-on effort. Dip a cloth in a mixture of 4 cups of vinegar and 1 cup of warm water, then scrub the inside of the machine as necessary.

What is the best soap to use in a power washer? ›

Q. Which soap is good for a pressure washer? Sun Joe pressure washer soap, which is biodegradable and can be used on a variety of surfaces, is an ideal soap to use with a pressure washer.

Do you pour detergent on top of clothes? ›

When adding liquid laundry detergent to the drum of your washing machine, add it in first, followed by the clothes on top. This will help to ensure that it is evenly distributed once you turn the machine on and is not trapped in only one area.

Do you put detergent first or water? ›

As long as you're not using bleach, don't add clothing after the water (a pain, because clothes can float). Instead, use this order to distribute detergent best: clothes, then water, then soap. This isn't necessarily a blunder. Most items that say “dry-clean” can be hand-washed and air-dried.

Is it OK to put detergent directly on clothes? ›

Concentrated detergent is very caustic, and you shouldn't put it on clothes directly. However, what you can do in place of the dispenser if you don't have a door safety switch, is pour the detergent into the cap and hold it under the water during the fill cycle. By doing this, you dilute the detergent as intended.

How much detergent should I use? ›

How much detergent should I use? As a general rule of thumb, you should only use about a tablespoon of laundry detergent per regular load size. (The measuring cup that comes with your liquid laundry detergent is about 10 times larger than the actual amount of laundry soap needed.)

How much powder detergent do I put in my washing machine? ›

Powder detergent: Standard washers take a quarter cup. If you're dealing with some serious dirt, use a half cup. HE washers work best with two tablespoons. Liquid detergent: Use two tablespoons for a standard washer and two teaspoons for an HE washer.

Where should I keep dirty laundry in a small apartment? ›

Dressers can hold dirty clothes just as well as clean clothes. Think about buying other types of furniture that can double as storage space, like open ottomans, credenzas and storage benches. Laundry can be stored anywhere in the house. Shelve an entire wall and store clothes in pretty boxes.

Can I put a washer and dryer in my apartment without hookups? ›

But not every apartment comes equipped with a washer and dryer or even the proper hookups. Luckily, you can buy a portable washer/dryer combo that will allow you to do your laundry with just an electrical outlet and access to cold water. Here is a look at the best washer/dryer combos for apartments without hookups.

How do you organize laundry loads? ›

Wash heavier items, like towels, seperately from lighter weight clothes to prevent abrasion and damage to finer fabrics. For the same reason, separate clothing with zippers and buttons from knits and lingerie. If an item sheds lint, wash it seperately from microfiber, corduroy or other fabrics that attract lint.

Where is the best place to keep dirty laundry? ›

Prime locations to place collection baskets include:
  • Bedrooms (since this is often where people undress)
  • Mudrooms (since people come in the door holding dirty clothes, or kids take off clothes here as they come in the house)

Is it better to have a washer and dryer in apartment? ›

The absolute highest percentage of your energy bill will almost always be due to your thermostat; a washer and dryer in your apartment will actually save you more money, because using the laundromat will cost you a few bucks each trip–not counting travel!

How much room should I leave for washer and dryer? ›

Standard side-by-side washer and dryer dimensions

For standard side-by-side washers and dryers, you'll need a space of about 56 inches wide for the set. If you have front load units, make sure to allow about four feet of space in front of the appliance for ample room to load and unload your laundry.

How do apartment size washers work? ›

They're typically much smaller than full-size units and almost always have a top-load design. Portable washers typically have two hoses, one that clips onto your sink's faucet via an included adapter and one that sits in your sink to allow wastewater to drain out.

Do portable washers need hookups? ›

Some models include the hoses and connectors you'll need for set-up, while others might require you to buy a faucet adaptor or drain hose separately. For portable washers that aren't permanently installed, look for a model with a quick-connect faucet adapter.

Can I do my laundry at night in an apartment? ›

Yes. If you're asking this question, you must live in a building where the laundry facility isn't in an obvious soundproof basement, and you're aware that someone's bedroom is probably right above the laundry room. Or maybe you have a washer/dryer in your unit.

What kind of hookups do you need for a washer and dryer? ›

Typically, you'll need hot and cold water lines, drain lines or laundry sinks, electricity outlets to power the appliances, air vents and gas lines.

What absorbs sound in an apartment? ›

Plush carpet, rugs, and sound dampening pads can help absorb sound, along with wall hangings, upholstered furniture, and even plants. These materials also lessen the sound of footsteps and objects dropping within the apartment, minimizing the echo and absorbing the noise.

How do you soundproof a room so you can't hear anything? ›

You can soundproof an existing room by adding acoustic panels or foam, extra layers of drywall, soundproofing the doors and windows with draft stoppers and weatherstripping, and adding a rug to the floor. Heavy, upholstered furniture helps to soundproof an existing room, too.

Can you soundproof an apartment without damaging walls? ›

Mass Loaded Vinyl

It's incredibly dense, and does a great job of covering any of the cracks that allow sounds to pass through. Sandwiching mass loaded vinyl between your layers of drywall is one of the most effective ways of soundproofing without damaging walls.

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